Tech-savvy spoonie wanted!

I’m looking for a partner in crime. The mantra of focusing on the things you get energy from is important for everyone and even more important when your energy is such a scarce resource.

I am really enjoying collecting the stories and becoming an active part of the ME/CFS community. However, the technical web bits are not for me 🙂 But I know that’s not the case for everyone! So, are you inspired by the project, interested to start building up work experience or looking for a way to contribute within our ME/CFS community and… you have some experience with building a website, or get energised from figuring it out, please get in touch!!

Volunteer position website/ social media

Do you have experience with or are keen to learn:

  • Website development, using WordPress
  • Newsletter management, using mailchimp
  • Search engine optimalisation, using Yoast or similar
  • Expanding reach on social media
  • More creative ideas about how to bring this project to the next level

I am looking for someone who likes to take initiative and can bring ideas to the table. It would be particularly suitable for someone with with ME/CFS or other chronic illness, as you can do everything remotely, at your own pace and at a time that is suitable for you. If it interest you, please get in touch on

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