Nyki surviving the black fog

Nyki started having niggling symptoms in the early nineties and eventually in 2015 the doctor suggested it was fibromialga. However, learning more about the illnesses over the years she recognises that she was actually showed more the classic CFS/ME symptoms in addition to fibromyalgia symptoms. Nyki has made a great recovery and is now living close to a full life. She lives in High Wycombe, United Kingdom, with her dog Oscar and is about to finish her degree in Chinese medicine. Here she shares her story and what has helped her to recover.

What is your advice to people who are just diagnosed?

Take control and own your own illness. Your doctor can advise but ultimately it is up to the individual to make the decisions about their body. It isn’t always a life sentence and recovery is possible.

“Letting go of toxic people and emotions was crucial for my recovery”

– Nyki

What were the key elements for your recovery?

Targeted nutritional supplementation. This can be overwhelming so finding a good functional medicine doctor is worth considering. I also had to make lifestyle changes that included diet and letting go of toxic emotions and people. Five element Acupuncture was beneficial for the emotional aspect.

What do you do when you have a bad day, or feel one coming up?

I rarely have a bad day now but if I do I usually recognise the trigger. Resting up and remembering tomorrow is a new day is important.

“My illness has led me to a degree in Chinese medicine”

– Nyki

What good thing has your illness and journey brought you that you would not have had otherwise?

A degree in Chinese Medicine! I discovered this amazing modality of medicine quite by accident and it has taken my life in an extraordinary direction. I am in my final clinical year with a focus on female healthcare in the area of Chronic Fatigue, Myalgic Encephalitis and Fibromyalgia.

What is your go-to comfort food?

I always had a sweet tooth but refined sugar will cause me flares in Fibromyalgia symptoms. I discovered a Bristol based chocolate company called Adams chocolates. Sugar and dairy free and absolutely gorgeous!

A lockdown favourite has been deliveries from a local Indian restaurant that does Indian street food using only 100% natural ingredients. Light, fresh and absolutely delicious. Convenience, processed food makes me feel ill so it is important to me to find good quality takeaways so I can have a break from cooking everything from scratch.

What is the best and worst movie or series you watched while you were ill?

My recovery was a long time ago so I can’t really remember. I do remember however, spending hours online searching for answers once I realised my doctor wasn’t going to be the route to my recovery. I think I was so determined to find answers that TV didn’t really figure.

I have recently binged watched the Handmaid’s Tale though which I can highly recommend!

Can you share a quote, cartoon or inspirational message that cheers you up?

Watch your thoughts, they become words
Watch your words, they become actions
Watch your actions, they become habits
Watch your habits, they become character
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny


“CFS was like a thick black fog pervading my mind and muscles”

– Nyki

If you have to come up with a metaphor for CFS what would it be?

My experience was like I had a thick, black fog pervading my mind and muscles, impacting movement and clarity of thought.

Please share a picture of you in your happy place

Nyki with her dog Oscar