What’s this all about

Since November 2018, I am living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Trying to make the best of it. As everyone living with CFS knows, it’s a bit of a bumpy road. Funny that rollercoasters are designed as entertainment, yet when we describe our lives as a rollercoaster, we rarely mean that we’re having a blast! Although there’s more to it, staying positive in the CFS journey is key. It doesn’t just make you happier, believing that you can improve is important for getting better, it’s scientifically proven.

This blog series wants to share some light-hearted stories, to lift you up. Stories from people that have improved, recovered, or got better at living with it. They are sharing what has helped for them. It’s for anyone on a bad day or a good day, that can do with some cheering up. If you have recently been diagnosed; are already living with it longer; or have loved ones living with CFS. I hope you enjoy it!

Titia Sjenitzer

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